Method 1: Loading an ARX into AutoCAD

This installation method is available for all full (not LT) AutoCAD versions and Autodesk Vertical Compatibles.

With this method, you load an ARX-program inside AutoCAD. You will benefit from all features of BetterWMF including scaling the picture relative to your drawing, merging paperspace and viewports and accessing BetterWMF functionality through lisp functions.
When using this method you do not need Bclipbrd.exe.

  1. Run the installer file you downloaded from the download page.
    This intalls the BetterWMF files to a folder, for example C:\Program Files\BetterWMF.
  2. In AutoCAD load the matching ARX file. Click for help on how to load an ARX.
    Loading might be easier if you move the appropriate ARX to a support folder of AutoCAD, but do not forget to move this helpfile as well if you want online help.
  3. Configure BetterWMF.
    Access the Picture options dialog by entering the command BWMFOPT in AutoCAD or change the options through the lisp function (bwmfsetoption).
  4. Use BetterWMF.
    Use BetterWMF through the commands BWMFOUT and BCOPYCLIP or several lisp functions like (bwmfout) and (bcopyclip).

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