What is SDFDraw

With SDFDraw you can open and view Autodesk MapGuide SDF files. Each feature is listed individually in a listbox and all features are drawn in another view.

SDFDraw features

  • Zoom in: Left mouse click
  • Zoom Window: Left mouse select window
  • Zoom out: Right mouse click
  • Pan: Right mouse drag
  • Label any feature by key, name or link
  • Fill polygon features (by key, name or link)
  • Highlight selected objects
  • Zoom to selected objects

Download SDFDraw

You can download SDFDraw at our download page. It is a free tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

SDFDraw System Requirements

System requirements

  • Any Windows version will do
  • Any hardware will do (but of course faster is better)
  • Autodesk Mapguide SDF Component Toolkit must be installed
    It comes with Autodesk MapGuide
  • It is not necessary to have the MapGuide server up and running. SDFDraw does not interact with the server.

Can SDFDraw replace the Autodesk MapGuide Viewer or Author

  • SDFDraw does not allow Internet operation
  • SDFDraw provides a technical view of the SDF files. The MapGuide viewer and author allow you to make an actual presentation of your drawing.
  • SDFdraw cannot read any information from a database
  • SDFdraw does not require a server to be up-and-running. It reads the SDF files directly.

My map looks distorted

SDFDraw cannot do any coordinate system transformation. It treats all coordinates as 'Arbitrary XY'.
Only exception is a conversion from Lat Lon to Dutch RD coordinates.

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