License renewal

Renewing your license

The Furix policy on updates and renewals

Furix does not charge for maintenance or regular updates. Instead we give you free updates for several years, then ask you to renew your license at the normal registration price. Exactly how long you will receive free updates, depends on our update schedule and on when you order your license.
We guarantee that you will receive free updates for at least two years, and these updates will remain valid as long as you use them. Therefore most people won't have to renew until at least four years after they bought their initial license.

Do I have to renew my license?

When you install a new version of our software, the new release will automatically tell you if you need to renew your license. You will then have 30 days to get your license. After that period the new release will be disabled. (But if you still have the old release on your system, then that will continue working.)

For BetterWMF 2013/2015 a new license key (multiple lines of characters) is always required. License keys for BetterWMF 2010 and older (only nine characters) will not work for BetterWMF 2013/2015.

How to renew?

As explained above, a renewal is the same as a new order. You can therefore use the normal ordering procedures as mentioned on this website.

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