BetterWMF Getting Started

BetterWMF has been designed to help you inserting AutoCAD drawings into other applications, for example into MS-Word documents.
After loading BetterWMF you use the regular commands to open a drawing in AutoCAD and to Copy-and-Paste the picture. BetterWMF will automatically improve the pasted picture without further user interaction. Except for the results you will not notice it is there.

BetterWMF picture improvements

BetterWMF can improve your pictures in many ways. It can:

  • Crop the size of the picture to the extents of the selected entities
  • Remove the (black) background color and make the picture transparent again
  • Assign nonzero widths to all lines or individual widths based on color
  • Preset the exact size of the picture as it will appear in for example MS-Word.
  • Merge paperspace AND all viewports into one picture (not available for AutoCAD LT)
  • Size the picture relative to the scale of your drawing
  • Reassign the 256 AutoCAD colors to grayscales or any of the Windows TrueColors

BetterWMF compatibility

BetterWMF is available and has been tested for many Autodesk products. It can also be used for many other programs that can put a picture on the Windows clipboard.
Currently the following programs are supported:

AutoCAD Any AutoCAD version but visit our download page for the latest information.
This includes products based on the AutoCAD engine like Autodesk Map 3D.
AutoCAD LT Any AutoCAD LT version
Any other applications Any program that can copy pictures in WMF format to the Windows clipboard, including IntelliCAD and MicroStation.

BetterWMF runs fine on Windows 7 and higher. If AutoCAD runs so does BetterWMF.

Special Notes

  • Although BetterWMF works perfectly for all currently known versions of the Autodesk products, it relies on undocumented features of the Autodesk products. Therefore, no guarantees can be given on its suitability for future AutoCAD versions!
  • Autodesk Inventor is not based on the general AutoCAD engine. Therefore BetterWMF cannot be used for Inventor.

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