It is important to realize BetterWMF internally uses AutoCAD's original WMFOUT to create a first version of the picture. That picture is modified (made better) and this results in the final picture. Whenever you encounter a problem please try AutoCAD's original WMFOUT. If the problem is there as well ask yourself: is BetterWMF supposed to improve this?

BetterWMF does not improve any pictures

BetterWMF can be used in one of two ways.

  1. (preferred) By loading an ARX-module in AutoCAD you get new AutoCAD commands BWMFOUT and BCOPYCLIP.
    You should use one of these two commands in AutoCAD to get an improved picture.
  2. (for AutoCAD LT) By starting BClipbrd.exe the regular copy-and-paste will be improved.
    When using BetterWMF this way a small tooltip window will popup telling you that BetterWMF has modified the picture.

The size of the picture is not exactly as I specified it

The size of the pictures is only a suggested picture size for the application you insert or paste the picture into. Not all applications honor this suggestion. When pasting into MS-Word and the suggested picture size is larger than the paper size Word may automatically shrink the picture to fit on the page. When you specified a fixed width or height for the picture, the small margin is included in this size. When you specified a size-to-scale the small margin is added to the size of the picture.

When I assign width to lines sometimes (mostly on texts) I get overshooting lines (spikes)

This problem is caused by the way MS-Word handles Windows Metafiles and was introduced with MS-Word 97. Newer versions and service packs improve the situation. It seems to have been solved in MS-Word 2000, Service Release 1.

There are two possible workarounds, which appear to give good results:
A. Instead of pasting the result into MS-Word, use 'Edit|Paste Special' and select the 'Picture'-format, NOT the Enhanced Metafile format which is the default.
OR: B. After pasting the picture, click the right mouse button on the picture and select Grouping/Ungroup. It is not clear why, but this really seems to improve the picture in MS-Word 97. Please note that it does increase the filesize significantly.

The resoluti