Table Details Report

This report gives details of the tables that were compared in a Detailed Compare Job. If, for example, the Summary Report states that some layers were changed then the Table Details Report can be used to find out which layers. Use this command if your current AutoCAD drawing is a CompareDWG result drawing, it will then display the Table Details Report that belongs to this comparison.
Important: reports will be deleted together with other temporary files. If you want to keep a report, make sure that you save it in another directory.

The layout of this report is in a so-called ini-style format. This means that it is still readable for humans, though it may take a moment to get used to it, and at the same time it is easy for other software to process this file. Notepad is needed to display the report.

The report starts with a general section, which lists the two files that were compared. Next there is a section for each of the following tables:

Block definitions
Dimension styles
Multiline styles
Text styles
Drawing variables

Each of these sections lists all the entries that were found in one or both of the files and then states whether they were:

DELETED Entry existed only in the Old Drawing, or
ADDED Entry existed only in the New Drawing, or
CHANGED Entry existed in both drawings but changed, or
UNCHANGED Entry existed in both drawings and did not change.

Unchanged entries (for example a layer which has the same definition in both drawings) will be listed only if you have selected the appropriate option in your preferences

An example might be:


In the BLOCK DEFINITIONS section, anonymous blocks and Xrefs will be excluded.
In the VARIABLES section, only those drawing variables will be listed that have been specified in the variable file.

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