Quick Start

To get a quick start with CompareDWG, you must:

  1. Install CompareDWG. See the chapter installation.
  2. Start AutoCAD. If one of the drawings you want to compare is currently open in AutoCAD, close it first.
  3. From the CompareDWG menu choose New Compare Job. Specify the drawings you want to compare. Make sure the Detailed Mode is selected, then click Compare.
  4. When the differences have been calculated, the Open Results window will appear. Select which result drawing(-s) you want to see. You may or may not select the report options at this time. Then click Continue.
  5. The results of the comparison will now be shown in AutoCAD. You may use the Visibility command to include or exclude some of the entities. You can also use all regular AutoCAD commands.
  6. Use the commands in the CompareDWG menu to open extra result drawings, to inspect the reports or to find out details about a changed entity.

Before using CompareDWG you may want to have a look at the Top Ten User Tips.

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