Advanced options

In this dialog less frequently used options for BetterWMF can be set. Also individual linewidths can be set depending on colors and colors can be reassigned.

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BetterWMF advanced options dialog

Where can you find this dialog?

This dialog can be reached by selecting menu option Options|Advanced options in the Picture options dialog or by pressing one of the 'Edit' buttons there.

Select one or more color lines in the listbox to set a new width for lines with these colors.

The general options are only available when the corresponding option in the Picture options dialog is checked.

The options

Color settings listbox

In this listbox you can find the AutoCAD colors and modify settings. Note that some lines may read 'Color 10 (equals 1)' and are disabled. AutoCAD color 10 is just as red (RGB value) as color 1 and therefore BetterWMF cannot distinguish between them. A line of color 10 in AutoCAD will get the same width as a line with color 1.

Lines width

After selecting a color line in the listbox you can set a new width for lines of this AutoCAD color (including text). If you use this option be careful when stretching the WMF picture in other applications: The width will also be stretched. Change the suggested picture size settings to prevent having to stretch.

Lines color

After selecting a color line in the listbox you can press this button to select a new color for lines of this AutoCAD color (including text).

Filled color

After selecting a color line in the listbox you can press this button to select a new color for filled objects of this AutoCAD color (including text of oblique TrueType fonts, arrowheads of dimensions and polylines with a width).

Reset all

Reset all linewidths and colors to their default values.

Remove unwanted lines (when line options set)

In certain cases (especially with AutoCAD LT) modifications made by BetterWMF may make lines visible that are outlining filled areas in the picture. In most cases BetterWMF will detect and prevent this automatically. Check this option to force them to disappear. Do not activate this option unless you have seen the lines. Otherwise 'wanted' lines may disappear!

Make white lines black (When removing background)

When removing a black background white lines would become invisible. Check this option to turn them black.

Leave small margin (When cropping)

When you crop the picture to the extent of the entities some applications you insert the picture into may drop lines exactly on the edge of the picture. By adding a small margin to the picture you can avoid this. A value of 0.5% is usually enough.
Note: Whatever margin you specify: It will never become larger than the margin before cropping. For a large margin please zoom out a little in AutoCAD first.

Draw paperspace after viewports

Normally AutoCAD always plots paperspace first and on top of that the viewports. For the WMF pictures you can change this order in case you want objects in paperspace to be shown on top of objects in modelspace. It is the same option as in the Paperspace dialog.
This option is only available for full AutoCAD versions when using BetterWMF through the ARX.

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