User preferences

In this dialog, you can set those preferences that do not directly affect the pictures.

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BetterWMF user preferences dialog

Where can you find this dialog?

This dialog can be reached by selecting menu option Options|User preferences in the Picture options dialog.

The options

Sizes Inches/Metric

Specify all sizes in the options dialog in inches or in cm. and mm.

Show ToolTip after Copy to Clipboard

Each time a picture is copied to the clipboard and BetterWMF has modified it a small ToolTip will be shown to remind you that BetterWMF has modified the picture.

Show splash screen at startup

When you disable this option BetterWMF will start silently.

Modify WMF after COPYCLIP too

When you press CTRL+C in AutoCAD, the currently selected entities are put on the system clipboard through the AutoCAD command COPYCLIP. If you always prefer BCOPYCLIP and do not want to change your AutoCAD accelerator keys, you can replace AutoCAD's COPYCLIP by BCOPYCLIP

Special notes
  • If you do this you can no longer paste an AutoCAD drawing as an OLE-object into another application (but who wants to anyway?) or copy and paste between AutoCAD drawings.
  • When you run Bclipbrd.exe this option is not applicable. Use the other options to specify details when Bclipbrd.exe will modify the picture on the clipboard.

In TILEMODE 0 ask about merging (BCOPYCLIP and BWMFOUT)

In TILEMODE 0 BetterWMF allows you to merge all information from paperspace and all viewports into one picture. When TILEMODE 0 is active and you use command BCOPYCLIP or BWMFOUT BetterWMF will ask you through a Paperspace dialog if you want to use this advanced feature. With this option you can turn this question off. BetterWMF will default to the setting in the options dialog.

Show options at startup

Each time you start Bclipbrd.exe the options dialog will show. When you disable this function, you can always access the options by clicking your right mouse button on the icon in the taskbar and selecting Configure.

Popup Saveas dialog after Copy to Clipboard

This option is especially useful when you run Bclipbrd.exe: Each time you copy from within AutoCAD a picture to the clipboard you will be prompted to save it as a BetterWMF file. When you disable this function you can always save the picture by clicking your right mouse button on the icon in the taskbar and selecting Save last as WMF file.

Autodetect and Modify WMF picture on Clipboard

When started through Bclipbrd.exe, BetterWMF will monitor the clipboard for WMF pictures. It can modify these pictures on the fly. Use one of the following choices to determine which pictures will be modified.

Modify Clipboard WMF on command only

When this option is selected BetterWMF will not monitor the clipboard. Instead, it will only modify a picture when you choose the menu option Clipboard|Modify and Replace now in the options dialog.

Autodetect, modify AutoCAD WMF pictures only

BetterWMF will monitor the clipboard only for WMF pictures created by any AutoCAD version. BetterWMF will modify and replace these automatically. Pictures saved on the clipboard by other applications will be left unmodified.

Autodetect, modify most types of WMF pictures

BetterWMF will monitor the clipboard for WMF pictures and modify them when only graphical formats (thus no text) are present on the clipboard. This will modify most pictures but prevents modifying MS-Word copy-and-pasted text.

Autodetect, modify all WMF pictures

BetterWMF will monitor the clipboard for WMF pictures and always modify them. Please be aware that many applications put several formats on the clipboard, including WMF. BetterWMF will replace the WMF picture and in doing so remove the other formats (text for example).
Use this last option with caution. Expect that a normal cut and paste inside Microsoft Office no longer works which will confuse you!

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