Menu options

The menu in the BetterWMF Picture options dialog has the following commands.

File Load options Load all options in all dialogs from an external file with extension BW3.
Save options Save all options in all dialogs to an external file with extension BW3.
Close options dialog Close the options dialog. BetterWMF will remain active.
Unload BetterWMF Unload the BetterWMF program: if you loaded the ARX into AutoCAD the ARX is unloaded. If you ran Bclipbrd.exe outside AutoCAD the program is terminated.
Clipboard Modify and replace now Choose this function to force BetterWMF to modify the current clipboard picture.
This is the most powerful option: it will replace any WMF, regardless of what application created it.
Copy last to Clipboard BetterWMF keeps a copy of the original version of the last clipboard picture, before any changes were made to it. This command restores that copy to the clipboard with BetterWMF improvements.
This is the same as choosing Apply in the Picture options dialog.
Copy last to File The copy of the original version can also be written to a WMF file.
Enable automodify If this command is given, BetterWMF will automatically detect when a WMF picture is copied to the clipboard and modify it. Please note that the User preference settings for this option is more detailed.
Disable automodify If this command is given, then independently from the settings in the User preferences dialog BetterWMF will never automatically modify the picture on the clipboard. You can still force modification with the menu option Clipboard|Modify and Replace now.
Options Advanced Options Open the dialog for the Advanced options. This dialog can also be accessed by pressing one of the 'Edit' buttons.
User Preferences Open the User preferences dialog where options can be set that do not affect the pictures.
Help Contents Open the help file.
On this dialog Display help on this Picture options dialog.
Register Open the Registration properties dialog where you can enter your registration code.
Visit Furix Website Link to the Furix Website.
Check for updates Check online for updates to BetterWMF.
About Show information about BetterWMF.

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