Changing Line Widths

In WMF-pictures created by AutoCAD all lines have a zero width. This means that your printer will print them as thinly as possible. With high-resolution printers (600dpi and up) lines may become virtually invisible.

In the options dialog a non-zero line width can be specified. The lines will plot as thick as you like. You can specify one width that applies to all lines, or an individual width for each color.

When using line widths, it is very important to specify the picture size in BetterWMF before pasting. If the picture is resized after pasting, the line widths will be resized as well. If you do find you have to change the size after pasting, it is best to go back to BetterWMF, change the size there and then re-insert the picture. This way the correct line widths will be maintained.

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