Using BetterWMF with AutoCAD LT

With AutoCAD LT using BetterWMF is slightly different than with full AutoCAD: it is not possible to load an ARX file in AutoCAD LT.
Therefore BetterWMF can also be used in a different way: You have to start Bclipbrd.exe from your Windows Explorer, outside AutoCAD. BetterWMF settles itself in the taskbar (bottom right of your screen) and modifies any AutoCAD WMF file that is saved on the clipboard through copy and paste.
BetterWMF can be configured to modify other (non-Autodesk) WMF pictures as well when they are saved on the clipboard. This can be configured in the advanced options dialog.

Note: Bclipbrd.exe can be used with full AutoCAD versions as well instead of loading the ARX. However, loading the ARX will offer more features.

To have BetterWMF improve your pictures:

  • open the drawing in AutoCAD LT.
  • use the AutoCAD LT command COPYCLIP (shortcut Ctrl+C). BetterWMF will immediately improve the picture on the fly without any user interaction.
  • switch to for example MS-Word and paste the picture there.

Options can be changed in the Picture options dialog. This screen can always be accessed by double clicking on the Taskbar Icon.
Other functions can be accessed by clicking the right mouse button on the icon for the BClipbrd menu options.

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