Changing Suggested Picture Size

Although WMF-pictures can be stretched and resized, they carry a 'suggested-size' with them. Most applications will show them by default in this size. In WMF-pictures created by AutoCAD it is an approximation of the size of the AutoCAD viewport as measured on the physical screen. (To be exact: The number of pixels divided by 120dpi).

Very often, you will not notice this suggested picture size, as usually it is larger than your paper size in MS-Word and the picture is immediately shrunk to fit on your page. This is something to prevent when line widths are used, as the width is resized as well. Therefore, the correct picture size should be set in BetterWMF before pasting the picture. This will preserve the correct line widths.

You can set the suggested size in the Picture options dialog. Several options are available:

  • Specify the width relative to the width as suggested by AutoCAD.
    This is useful when you need to insert several pictures from AutoCAD of which the absolute size is less important than their relative size to each other. Set the percentage in BetterWMF, and -most important of all- do not zoom in AutoCAD but pan only. When you zoom in AutoCAD the suggested picture size by AutoCAD will vary too much.
  • Specify an absolute width.
    A width of for example 6" can be specified to match the width of the (printable) page in MS-Word. This way MS-Word does not automatically shrink your picture to fit, and you do not have to drag the picture larger to fill the page. The height is changed automatically to maintain the correct aspect ratio of your picture
  • Specify an absolute height.
    Similar, but now the height is leading and he width is changed accordingly.
  • Specify the size relative to the scale of your drawing (full AutoCAD versions only)
    The values you enter are the same as you would enter in your plot dialog.