This section of the Preferences window lists some options that influence the comparing process.


First of all you can specify the precision that is to be used for comparing real numbers. Read the technical background for more explanation. The default setting is 1E-5 (0.00001).

Variable file

Secondly you can enter the name of a variable file. These files specify which drawing variables should be checked when comparing two drawings.
Clear this field if you do not want to compare any variables.

Report Unchanged table entries

The Table Details Report lists the results of comparing the symbol tables. Choose here if you want all entries to be listed, or only those that have changed.

Compare Xdata

Finally you can decide whether Xdata for entities should be compared. If you deselect this option then certain AutoCAD definition data, which is stored in Xdata, will be ignored too, such as dimensions that store their style overrides in Xdata. The default setting is to compare Xdata. If you change this, you may not be notified of important changes in your drawing.
Xrecords are never compared.

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