Customising CompareDWG

It is possible to include CompareDWG commands in toolbars, on digitising tablets etc. Assuming that you are aware of the technical possibilities of AutoCAD, the best advice is to copy the code found in the files FRXC.CUI and FRXC.MNL

For example: if you use Architectural Desktop or Mechanical (Desktop) you may wish to change the menu, since the shortcut letter 'C' used for CompareDWG is already used for another menu entry. To do this, edit the file FRXC.MNU.

Also it is possible to use CompareDWG in Batch Mode. Simply use the following LISP command to compare two files (include directory names):

(frxc_calc_new "file1.dwg" "file2.dwg")

The return value is a LISP list with the following structure:

(success dirname errorlist)

Success is a Boolean that indicates if the comparison was successful.
If success, then dirname is a string, which gives the name of the directory where the results are stored.
If success, then errorlist is a string that may contain a number of warnings separated with newlines, else errorlist is a string that contains an error message.

Please note that if you use CompareDWG in Batch Mode you will also have to take care of the removal of all temporary files.