Generating and deleting Output Files

For each Detailed Compare Job, CompareDWG generates two report files and up to six Temporary Drawings. No files are generated for a Basic Compare.
For each compare job, these files are stored together in a custom-made directory. The location of this directory can be specified in the Preferences. The name of the directory is Name.CMP, where Name is the name of the Old Drawing specified for the compare job (excluding the filename extension).
If the directory name already exists (for example because you have compared the Old Drawing before and your preferences are set for No automatic deletion) then a digit will be added to create a new unique directory name, e.g. Name_1.CMP. Up to nine additional directories can be generated for each input drawing.

Depending on your Preferences, CompareDWG will try to remove output files and directories when they are no longer needed, to avoid your hard disk filling up too quickly.
However, there can be many reasons why deleting a file and/or directory is not possible. Some reasons are listed below:

  • A file is still locked by AutoCAD.
  • A file is still locked by another application, for example you may have used an editor to have a look at the reports.
  • A file that is not part of this compare job has been placed in this directory. CompareDWG will only remove its own files; if another file is present it will not delete the directory.
  • Another application refers to this directory as the current working directory. This can for example happen if you use another editor to look at the report, then close the report but keep the editor running. Even though the file has been released, the editor may still lock the directory.

In all these cases you can remove the output files and directories manually after you have closed AutoCAD and other relevant applications.

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