Installation for other programs

BetterWMF is designed for and has been tested with Autodesk products.

However, the techniques used for BetterWMF in Bclipbrd.exe allow it to improve any WMF picture created by any program. Therefore non-Autodesk programs will also be able to benefit from many BetterWMF features. You can have BetterWMF improve your pictures on the fly while you copy and paste them. You can even create BetterWMF files by saving the copied picture.


To use BetterWMF with non-Autodesk programs you must run Bclipbrd.exe outside that program. It will improve any picture you copy and paste. This corresponds to installation according to general method 2.

Using BetterWMF

After you have ran Bclipbrd.exe you can use BetterWMF in many ways.

To have BetterWMF improve your pictures:

  • open the drawing in the source application.
  • use the menu command Edit|Copy. BetterWMF will improve the picture on the fly without any user interaction.
  • switch to for example MS-Word and paste the picture there.

Options can be changed in the Picture options dialog. This dialog can always be accessed by double clicking on the Taskbar Icon.
Other functions can be accessed by clicking the right mouse button on the icon.

Known Limitations

  • Use of BetterWMF with non-Autodesk products is not thoroughly tested and therefore unsupported. Nevertheless please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, remarks and suggestions.

Special Notes

  • BetterWMF has been designed to solve picture problems that typically occur with Autodesk products. The best way to start experimenting with BetterWMF for other applications, is to first disable all options and then one by one activate them and observe the results. When a specific BetterWMF solution does not apply to your program you can best keep it disabled in the Picture options dialog.
  • To avoid conflicts with other programs, BetterWMF does not always modify every picture that comes along on the clipboard. In the user preferences dialog you can specify how aggressively BetterWMF will auto-detect and modify pictures on the clipboard.
    This setting can always be overruled by explicitly choosing the menu option Clipboard|Modify and Replace now or by explicitly choosing 'Modify and replace now' in the BetterWMF Taskbar Icon menu.