Method 2: Running Bclipbrd.exe outside AutoCAD

This installation method can be used for AutoCAD LT and many other programs that do not support ARX add-ons.

With this option, you run Bclipbrd.exe outside AutoCAD. You won't have to do anything special inside AutoCAD.
Please follow the next steps:

  1. Run the installer file you downloaded from the download page.
    This extracts the BetterWMF files to a folder, for example C:\Program Files\BetterWMF. Ignore the ARX files when you are using AutoCAD LT.
  2. Locate and run 'BetterWMF|BetterWMF for AutoCAD LT' in your start menu or locate C:\Program Files\BetterWMF\Bclipbrd.exe with your Windows Explorer.
    BetterWMF settles itself through an icon in the taskbar (bottom right of your screen). At startup the Picture options dialog will show. You can close it but BetterWMF will remain active and monitor the clipboard.
  3. Configure BetterWMF.
    Access the options and preferences dialog by double clicking on the icon in the taskbar or by clicking your right mouse button on the icon and selecting Main Options or User Preferences.
  4. Use BetterWMF.
    Whenever you copy a picture in AutoCAD to the clipboard, the taskbar icon will improve it automatically on the clipboard, no user interaction is needed. A small tooltip will inform you that BetterWMF has modified the picture on the clipboard. You can paste the modified picture directly into another application.

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