Installation on AutoCAD LT

With AutoCAD LT you can benefit from many BetterWMF features. You can have BetterWMF improve your pictures on the fly while you copy and paste them. You can even create BetterWMF files by saving the copied picture.


To use BetterWMF with AutoCAD LT you must run Bclipbrd.exe outside AutoCAD. It will improve any picture you copy and paste into other applications. This corresponds to installation according to method 2: Running Bclipbrd.exe outside AutoCAD.

Using BetterWMF

After you have started Bclipbrd.exe it will remain active in the background and you can use BetterWMF in many ways.

More information is available in the chapter Using BetterWMF (AutoCAD LT).

Known Limitations

Some features of BetterWMF are not available for AutoCAD LT:

  • Programmatic control through the lisp functions.
  • Merging both Modelspace and Paperspace into one picture.
  • Sizing the picture relative to the scale of your drawing.

Special Notes

  • BetterWMF will improve pictures on the Windows Clipboard when you copy and paste pictures from AutoCAD to other applications. Modified pictures on the clipboard can be saved as a WMF-file by clicking the right mouse button on the BetterWMF Taskbar Icon and selecting Save last as WMF file from the menu.