BClipbrd menu options

If you have started Bclipbrd.exe outside AutoCAD, it will remain active as an icon in your taskbar. When you click your right mouse button on the icon, a menu will show.

The following menu options are available.

Menu option
Main options Activates the Picture options dialog. This is also the default double click action.
User Preferences Activates the User preferences dialog.
Clipboard|Modify and Replace now Choose this function to force BetterWMF to modify the current clipboard picture. This is the most powerful option: it will replace any WMF, regardless of what application created it.
Clipboard|Copy last to Clipboard BetterWMF keeps a copy of the original version of the last clipboard picture, before any changes were made to it. This command restores that copy to the clipboard with BetterWMF improvements. This is the same as choosing Apply in the Picture options dialog.
Clipboard|Save last as WMF file Save the last copied WMF picture as a WMF-file with BetterWMF improvements.
Clipboard|Enable automodify If this command is selected, BetterWMF will automatically detect when a WMF picture is copied to the clipboard and modify it. Please note that the User preference settings for this option is more detailed.
Clipboard|Disable automodify If this command is selected, then independently from the settings in the User preferences dialog BetterWMF will never automatically modify the picture on the clipboard. You can still force modification with the menu option Clipboard|Modify and Replace now.
Help Show the help file you are currently reading.
About BetterWMF Show information about BetterWMF.
Unload BetterWMF Unload the BetterWMF program.

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