Lisp: bpswmfout


In TILEMODE=0 this function creates a Windows Metafile (WMF) containing the entities from paperspace AND all viewports.

(bpswmfout filename)


The filename to write to. The extension ".wmf" is automatically appended when omitted.

Return values

The full path of the file when successful or nil otherwise.


In the following example, a WMF file is created in the temp-folder:

Command: (bpswmfout "c:\\temp\\myfile" (ssget "X"))

Special Notes

Normally, AutoCAD will only allow selecting entities from paperspace or from one viewport, there is no way to get a WMF picture of all entities visible on the screen.
With BetterWMF this function makes it possible to merge all that information into one picture.

  • Only lines that are actually visible on the screen will be included in the file.
  • This function ignores any settings ("Ask about merging") that apply to the command BWMFOUT.

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