Lisp: bwmfout


Creates a Windows Metafile (WMF) from within lisp without user interaction.

(bwmfout filename ss)


The filename to write to. The extension ".wmf" is automatically appended when omitted.

A selection set.

Return values

The full path of the file when successful or nil otherwise.


In the following example, a WMF file is created in a temp-folder:

Command: (bwmfout "c:\\temp\\myfile" (ssget "X"))

Special Notes

  • Although (ssget "X") retrieves all entities, only lines that are actually visible on the screen will be included in the file.
  • It might seem you could also use
    (command "BWMFOUT" "<your filename>" "all" "")
    to automate creation of WMF-files. Unfortunately due to some strange AutoCAD behavior, this will cause a 'Incorrect data for command list request' error message by AutoCAD. Therefore, for automated output, use the lisp function (bwmfout).

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