Lisp: bwmfloadoptions


Load all BetterWMF options from a BW3-file.

(bwmfloadoptions filename)


The full path to the filename with settings to be loaded. This can be an AutoCAD R14 PC2 printer configuration file.

Return values

T on success or nil otherwise (file not found).


In the following example, all settings are loaded from a file:

(bwmfloadoptions "c:\\temp\\myfile.bw3")

Special Notes

The settings file must have been written using (bwmfsaveoptions) or in the menu of the picture options dialog.

  • When the file is not found nothing happens.
  • Any setting not found in the file is reset to its default value.
  • Only exception: When you include the following two lines in the file only color information is read (this may change in a future release of BetterWMF!)

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